9Mart Automatic Soap Dispenser

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393.00 Grams
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Color: White

Material: ABS

Dimension: 133*85*185mm

Weight: 393g(Including battery)

Battery type: LR03 1.5V

Capacity: Approx. 250ml

Installation method: Standing

WAterproof Level: IPX4

Product list: Automatic soap dispenser, 4 x Battery (LR03), Manual

9Mart Automatic Soap Dispenser
9Mart Automatic Soap Dispenser
9Mart Automatic Soap Dispenser
9Mart Automatic Soap Dispenser

3 Reviews

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    Worth the 5 star rating

    Posted by Thomas Allen on 2019 Dec 24th

    I have a day care so the soap dispenser is used frequently every day! This is so far the best one I have bought. I like the dial for the quantity of soap because you have so much more control over the amount than the pre-programmed buttons on other brands. It is also hidden from sight so my day care kids don't have buttons to push to mess with it like other models they would push the buttons on the top all the time resetting the amount or turning it on and off. It holds a good amount of soap so refilling it is less frequent as well. I have had it 6 months and so far no issues, would definitely buy this again.

  • 5

    Posted by William E. on 2019 Dec 24th

    I bought this automatic dispenser over six months ago to replace a regular soap pump that broke. I started using the Secura soap dispenser immediately after receiving it. It was easy to put the batteries in, fill, and set the amount of soap to be dispensed. I bought this dispenser mainly because of the design, which places the battery compartment on the back of the unit, away from water that may pool on the counter. Other makers place the battery compartment on the bottom (WHY???), where it's susceptible to moisture, ruining the batteries, the contacts, and very likely the dispenser as well.
    The soap compartment is clear, making it easy to see when it needs a refill.
    We haven't had any issues with this automatic dispenser since we started using it. I bought it mainly for the features and the reviews that I read at the time. I'm happy with this purchase and would buy this product again. I've been thinking about giving it out to family at Christmas or it would also make a nice housewarming gift.

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    good product

    Posted by W. Moore on 2019 Dec 24th

    I have had three other types of soap dispensers. They all broke down within months, so frustrating!!! The last one I bought broke down in weeks AND it had a slow uptake of soap so you had to wait an extra 2 seconds for it to hit your hand. It also had a clunky refill area that made it sloppy to fill it. Two of the dispensers had no window so you couldn't see how much soap was in it. All three had the batteries on the very bottom, which is stupid because they would always short out because, hey, it's around water and liquid soap.

    What I noticed right off the bat is that this thing is fast, sturdy, easy to load AND it's design is perfect... the batteries load on the side, not the wet bottom. Also there's a rolling switch near the bottom that allows you to regulate the amount of soap that comes out precisely. It's quite tall and so you don't have to fill it constantly. And of course, it's almost all soap window.

    I bought this last month, so I don't know the durability, but it just FEELS sturdy. The smart design and the warranty tells me that this will not be another frustrating purchase. Finally.