9Mart Digital cooking timer & thermometer

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94.30 Grams
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Suitable for temperature measurement in refrigeration, heating food processing and home kitchens, schools, industrial laboratories, etc.

Color: Black+Silver grey

Material: ABS, Stainless steel, Silica gel

Dimension: 65*22*72mm

Probe length: 125mm

Cable length: 1000mm(High temperature resistance 250 degrees)

Battery type: LR03 1.5V

Weight: 94.3g

Countdown range: 23:59′

Temperature range: 32 ℉ ~ 482 ℉ (0 ℃ ~ 250 ℃)

Temperature accuracy: +/-1.8℉(+/-1℃)

Scope of use: Water temperature, oil temperature, barbecue, beer, food, etc.

Product list: Thermometer, Battery(LR03), Manual

9Mart Digital cooking timer & thermometer
9Mart Digital cooking timer & thermometer
9Mart Digital cooking timer & thermometer

4 Reviews

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    I like this

    Posted by potomato123 on 2020 Apr 20th

    this soooo good

  • 5
    Worth the 5 star rating

    Posted by Paul Elson on 2019 Dec 24th

    Used mine once grilling chicken quarters. So far so good...I like the guide temp that tells you (beeps) when it's time to remove the food from the grill. The thermo sensing needle can be sharp so be careful...Also remember to handle with oven gloves as the mesh wire and the metallic needle can get too hot to handle.

    My one small complaint is the chicken says 185 degrees farenheit for "done," but most sources state 175. I'm a novice griller so I don't know if there's a difference between white or dark meat for chicken. All in all, this has made charcoal grilling, and possibly cooking much easier for me since I'm color blind; pink, un-done meat is hard for me to tell until it's well-cooked into tough done-ness that's hard to chew.

    There are three buttons up top for setting what type of meat you're cooking, and I believe a timer too. I only used the live reading of temp with the guide-temperature that tells you when your selected meat is done. There's a pop up stand that lets you put this upright onto a table. I love that it's a cord vs conventional metal rod food thermometer because I can poke and leave the sensor in the meat for long periods with a much smaller footprint--enabling me to close my grill's lid or use with my oven if I were baking. I hand washed the sensor after I was done with it, and it's good as new.

    I can't say much about accuracy since I'm a novice cook and don't really care if this thing were 2-3 degrees off, but from what I can tell, it's very accurate (confirmed with my AcuRite outdoor thermometer/temp sensor when reading air temp).

    Finally, the fact that I can use a easy to change, standard sized AAA battery is also very good cos I don't have to worry about buying special small button batteries and unscrewing things to get to it, which is what regular type, electronic food thermometers use.

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    love it

    Posted by Delena on 2019 Dec 24th

    I wasn't sure how well this product would be but to my surprise it works excellent. Now I am not from the company, I am a Disable Marine Vet and it was easy even for me. I used it for the first time on a Full Turkey Breast, went on Google to make sure what the Inside Temperature of the Turkey should be and then turned on the machine and all I had to do was to push one or the other buttons down (One button is to set the temperature higher and the other to set the temperature lower. After I did that, then the only thing leaved to do was to pull off the sleeve for the Probe and put it in the Turkey (NOT by any bones) and then put the Turkey in the oven and close the oven door slowly but firmly and then put the Monitor where ever it is easier for you to see it, I put mine on the counter top next to the oven. Then just wait until the machine beeps as a microwave oven would. Take out the Meat and be careful to not touch the Probe (IT IS STILL VERY HOT), I used a Kitchen Towel to take the Probe out. Let the Meat cool off a bit and then cut and enjoy. My Turkey came out excellent, nice and juicy. After the Probe cools down, I just put it under the running water on warm and used some soap and cleaned the Probe, let it dry and replace the tubbing back on the Probe to protect it. Again, I personnel LOVE it and I will be give this product to my Family for Christmas. P/S-The Company in NO WAYS asked me to alter my thoughts in giving them a Positive, this was a Consumer just telling LIKE IT IS.

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    good product

    Posted by Gary P. on 2019 Dec 24th

    First of all, the main reason I bought this was because I damaged the probe on my last (3) thermometer(s) (different brands BTW). When I got this one, I discovered that they will replace the probe if it ever gets damaged even if "...caused by careless or improper use...". That got them 5 stars right there.

    The included probe is all metal. The angle of the probe makes it easier to insert, use, and pull out of your food. There is no plastic end to melt or pull free from the probe.

    The unit arrived well packaged, and is about the 1/2 the size of a deck of playing cards. It has a convenient and reasonably strong magnet on the back for sticking to a metal surface. It also has a fold out plastic prop to set the unit on a counter top at about a 45 degree angle.

    Buttons and switches feel reasonably solid for a device at this price point. The controls are fairly easy to figure out and use. It is programmed with 6 presets, for various types of meat and fish. It is also easy to set a custom temperature.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase.